the agony of losing the ones we have spent our lives with, is hardest to bear. it is a time when the sorrowful mind would seek recluse in a comfortable environment and surrounded by those who provide sympathy and fortitude. 
most cremation grounds in India are mere sheds or pavilions, only fulfilling functional requirements but failing to provide more to people than just that. the crematorium being the place for the final goodbye, this thesis explores the idea of extending support and strength to those who are left behind and providing dignity in death to the departed through the medium of architecture. 
in the cycle of life, the crematorium along with all funerary rites and ceremonies intervenes at the junction of life and death in celebrating the legacy of the departed member of the family.
the crematorium, as a thesis project explores 
the use of light to create experiences reflecting at any time the varied emotional states of a visitor, 
materials treated in various ways juxtaposed to evoke different responses, 
earth, plants and trees as an engulfing embrace in a moment of brittleness, and 
built mass varying in size and thickness to create a backdrop for the emotional roller-coaster of the moment.
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